Monetize Your Passion & Gifts

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP to support you in getting clarity around your superpowers, learning what actions will lead to greater revenue for YOU, and charging what you are worth.

***SOLD OUT***
This workshop is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and independent marketers who want to:

  1. Authentically stand out from their competitors.
  2. Carry out their business activities with ease and flow.
  3. Create services, offerings, and marketing strategies in alignment with their preferences and strengths.
  4. Charge what they are worth.
  5. Attract their ideal people / customer. 
  6. And get paid to do what they LOVE.

This is a PERSONALIZED experience.

Small group of 8 people max (including me).

  • Part individualized, intuitive readings to help me (and you) better understand your strengths and zone of genius.
  • Part brainstorming.
  • Part collaboration.
  • Part training.

You will leave this workshop looking at yourself and HOW you do business in a whole NEW light.

Copying someone else's business design limits your potential and revenue.

You can follow another person's blueprint to a "T" but never get the same results.

If you feel like you have been doing all the "right" things but haven't experienced the success you want...

Or you established a business and you want to make sure you are on the "right" track...

Then this is the workshop for you!

"I have taken Lore’s workshop recently and now, during a time I might be depressed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, am more energized and focused than I have ever been! Thank you Lore!"

Gary Haynes
Real Estate Agent

Presented By:

Lore Earley Goldstein, LMHC

Lore is an intuitive advisor, purpose and gifts mentor, professional psychic, licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, believer in the healing forces of nature, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International.

She teaches people who they are at soul-level, their purpose and gifts, so that they can create a fulfilling and soul-aligned personal and professional life.  Known as the “digger upper” of the unseen, Lore helps her clients eliminate the invisible blocks standing in the way of their goals.

"Understanding who we are and our soul purpose is very helpful in determining which way to go and what to offer.

Anyone that values growth and personal development will want to take this workshop. Lore is very insightful and compassionate, and is a great teacher - I couldn't ask for more value."

Bari Schanerman, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC
Business Resource Coach - The Thrive Group

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