Do you just wish you could find that "thing" that makes you want to jump out of bed, excited, each day?

There are those who just knew at age 9 that they wanted to be a doctor or teach yoga in exotic locations around the world... and they did it and still love it 30+ years later! #jealous?

Then there are those of us at age 30, 40, even 50 that are still wondering WTF is our "thing", our purpose? And why can't I seem to figure this sh*t out?


Who This Service Is For

  • Entrepreneurial sorts that want to love their work in the world, and want their work to be a natural extension of themselves.  (There is no such thing as "work" if you are doing what you are designed to do!)
  • Those who have left a soul-sucking corporate career and want to now step into their soul's purpose, making a greater impact doing something they actually love.
  • Those confused by and frustrated with their current career because the things that they happen to be good at don't really bring them joy or overall fulfillment.  So what will? 
  • Those who want greater confidence, to feel empowered, and to work smarter not harder!
  • Or maybe you sort-of-think you found your calling but parts of it just don't feel right. (Hey, I get it! This was me when I was doing traditional psychotherapy.)


1:1 Initial Clarity Intensive (90 minutes)

We will take a deep dive into your greater purpose, your soul-level and archetypal strengths and gifts so you can draft your personal "zone of genius" blueprint.  We will take a look at your business (or your business ideas) to see where you can make some adjustments to align more with your gifts. If you don't have business ideas yet, you sure will have some by the time we are done!

We will also look "under the hood" at both present life and perpetuated past-life patterns / behaviors that are gunking up your ability to step into your superpowers.


1:1 Brainstorming Session (60 minutes)

This session is for those who have already had their initial 1:1 clarity intensive with me and want to:

  • Refine their marketing, systems, tools, clients, and sales funnels to be more congruent to their zone of genius so they can further monetize their gifts.
  • Hash out any new ideas for programs, products, or services so that they don't waste time creating something that isn't aligned.
  • Need support with wording and language around their website and/or offerings to be clear about what they do and who they want to attract. 
All sessions are held via Zoom (video conference) and are fully recorded for your convenience. Instructions on how to connect will be sent to you via email once you book your session.

This Work Is Probably NOT For You If:

  • You are not open-minded or willing to look at yourself differently.
  • You are not willing to change what you are doing. (You can't change your circumstances by doing the same things you are doing now.) 
  • You have strong religious beliefs that prohibit looking into past lives or the use of Tarot cards.
  • You are not willing to reflect on any of the counterproductive behaviors/patterns that come up, that are standing in your way of being able to fully use your superpowers.
If you are still with me, and are ready to get clarity and insight into your zone of genius, what to create/sell, how to better monetize your gifts, and how you best work in the world for more ease and flow in your business...