Deepening Intuition

A course to help you connect and listen to your soul-self so you get more of what you want and less of what you don't.


Stop Doubting Your Choices

Feel more solid and confident in making decisions. Ditch the mental clutter. Weed out the noise of "should's", "need-to's", and what others expect from you because it won't help you get to where you want to be.

Reach Your Goals Faster

Your intuition NEVER leads you astray.  It will guide you in the right direction if you quiet your mind and know how to listen to it. Stop wasting energy, money, and time on choices that lead you in the wrong direction.

Stop Fear From Getting In The Way

Learn to identify the difference between a truly misaligned choice and just some fear talkin' in the form of resistance. Don't bail on a choice that could take you one step closer to the life / business of your dreams! 

Here's What You'll Learn

This online course includes video or audio modules for each lesson, downloadable worksheets, and TWO group support calls for Q&A.

Lesson#1 - The specific TOOLS you will need to support your journey in deepening your intuition.

Lesson #2 - Connect to intuition for ease, flow, and quicker results, and the OBSTACLES to look out for.

Lesson #3 - Sort out the terminology so you know where you want to connect (intuition versus higher-self versus ego versus the subconscious versus the Akashic Records) because you could totally lead yourself astray! 

Lesson #4 - How to understand and use a pendulum so you get ACCURATE answers.

Lesson #5 - The importance of intention and what it really looks like.

Lesson #6 - "Right" versus "wrong" questions to ask yourself - again, I don't want you to lead yourself in the opposite direction!

Lesson #7 - Identify your soul-voice so you are actually speaking to YOU instead of the fear-based voice in your head.

Lesson #8 - Know yourself at soul-level for greater joy, fulfillment, and meaning in your life and work in the world.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not sure this course is for you, you have 5 days to evaluate the course materials.  The first 3 lessons of the course are available to you immediately upon registration.  If you find this course is not for you, simply contact me within 5 days of purchase with your refund request and I will return your investment, no questions asked. How about that!

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