I remember sitting on my yoga mat at home one morning contemplating divorce, questioning my life, and trying to relieve my body from the anxiety I was experiencing.

I wondered if this was what an existential crisis felt like.

Hi, I'm Lore Goldstein

Intuitive Advisor + Psychotherapist + Yoga Teacher + Speaker


It all started in a Yupik village in Alaska!


My journey to the work I now do with people began back in 2011.

Long story short, my former husband and I ended up working in a remote part of Alaska after job burn-out and layoffs. It was a place with no restaurants, roads, or entertainment venues... a place where no person in their right mind goes... seriously.

Yet it was in the quiet and stillness of this place that I started searching for ways to naturally heal my body (I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance and really started to question WHY I was experiencing these health issues).

Little did I know that working on my physical body and the stuck emotions behind my symptoms would lead me to understanding who I really was and my greater purpose in the world.

Upon returning to Florida, I knew I had to make some difficult decisions and changes.

Even though I was terrified, I quit my private psychotherapy practice, left my marriage, and left behind a house and most of my belongings to move to a different city.

I knew that if I didn't follow my inner-voice, the anxiety that was plaguing me would gift me with another form of illness.

While I don't recommend necessarily handling things as I did (I will admit, I didn't do my best in many instances), I did come out the other side happier, more at peace, and with the kind of intimacy I was looking for in a romantic relationship.

I give credit to my yoga practice, a consistent morning routine, a few mentors along the way, and tools such as Tapping (EFT), Tarot, and the Akashic Records, for helping me make it through a great deal of grief, loss, self-blame, and doubt.

Now I’ve turned what I've learned into a process that helps others find clarity around their own path and purpose, and/or understand and release the stuck beliefs and emotions behind their physical pain and illness.

My Credentials

Most people collect tchotchkes. I collect degrees...

  • Bachelor of Science: Education
  • Master of Science: Educational Technology
  • Master of Education: Mental Health Counseling
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for trauma-related issues
  • Bachelor of Naturopathic Studies
  • New Healers Master Coaching Program
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping)
  • Certified Soul Realignment™ (Akashic Records) Practitioner
  • 200® RYT Kundalini yoga instructor

While I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Florida, I have retired from clinical therapy so I no longer provide mental health treatment services.


5 Mistakes People Make When Seeking ANY Kind Of Change

No matter if you are wanting to get clarity around your path & purpose, or are looking to uncover why you keep getting chronic UTI's, you need to be willing to change in order to solve the problem.

Some of My Life Experiences

If you are still interested...

  • I LOVED working with teenagers in my former therapy practice who "saw and heard things" that weren't really there. I was a miracle worker (I say that humbly) in helping them process their distress and find quiet and peace within.  It was during this time I started experimenting a bit and quickly learned how useful (and magical) Tarot cards can be for transformation, healing, and gaining the trust of teens!
  • My love for adventure started at a young age. My parents and I embarked on a 2-week sailing excursion to the Abacos when I was about 9 years old. It was my first taste of the power of Mother Nature. Dad broke his arm, mom got seasick, and all I wanted to do was drive the dingy.
  • My body is insulin resistant so I am a bit of a Paleo/Keto girl.  I have been dairy, grain, and sugar-free since 2012. I feel great (and don't even miss conventional sweets or bread) so I ALWAYS make meal prep a priority. I am indeed, a food snob.
  • I worked in a Native Alaskan Yupik village in the Lower Yukon, for 2 years. There were no roads, no restaurants, no movie theaters, no alcohol allowed, and no cars. You were dropped off in a bush plane, in the middle of nowhere, where Alaskan tourists never go.
  • I want to see the world.  So far I've been to Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Peru, Czech Republic, Greece, Republic of Georgia, Switzerland, Dubai, Azerbaijan (I know, where the hell is that??), Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, England, Poland, Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, U.S Virgin Islands, and Yugoslavia (back when it was Yugoslavia).
  • I was in the FSU Flying High Circus in college. This was initially a creative attempt to escape the traditional PE class, and then I discovered how way cool being in the circus was.
  • I live in Annapolis, Maryland with the love of my life and 3 cats who should be really named Scared, Clumsy, and Holy Terror.