Work With Me 1:1

  • identify & release negative emotions
  • create meaning & understanding from a difficult life situation
  • reconnect with your path & purpose after a major life transition
  • uncover the emotional root cause of health, money, & relationship struggles

The essential tools: Tarot, the Akashic Records, Tapping, Breathwork & Movement...


Because Tarot and the Akashic Records allow us to "look under the hood" to uncover what we can't see on the surface and make connections to events or situations that don't seem related, but 100% are.

Tapping (EFT), yoga, and breathwork help to move energy and emotions OUT of the body, and clear out unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns.

I practiced conventional therapy for over a decade, but found it just takes a whole lot longer to find resolution.

My work with people is DIFFERENT, yes.

Your body stores trauma and repressed emotions. It speaks to you through anxiety, physical illness, and depression - telling you that something in your life is not right.

At soul-level you have a greater purpose and brilliant gifts that when you aren't aligned to your divine nature, you experience more struggle than prosperity.

If you aren't working with the body AND spirit as part of the healing process, you are missing most of the equation.

What my services are NOT


#1 - Fortune-telling readings.

I use Tarot and the Akashic Records to uncover the unhelpful energies and patterns that are present NOW so that they can be brought to your awareness. I use them as tools for self-reflection, understanding, emotional healing, and TODAY'S positive change.

#2 - Clinical Therapy

I am a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida and cannot legally provide clinical therapy in Maryland. Also, the process and some of the tools that I use are not considered "evidenced-based" treatment protocols. Tapping is backed by scientific research and is in the process of being approved by the American Psychological Association. But my beloved Tarot is not. You will therefore be entering into a COACHING / MENTORING agreement with me.

#3 - A space to blame others or just vent about your circumstances.

There are plenty of other wellness practitioners that will take your money for this. But I care more about you being an empowered individual that takes responsibility for your life and happiness.

What You Can Expect

A customized plan. I don't necessarily use all my tools with everyone, nor do I follow a strict blueprint. We go with what will work for YOUR needs.

Some movement. No, we won't be doing power yoga, or a full-on asana class, but we might move a bit so wear comfortable clothing.

Confidentiality. Services are confidential. I outline this more in my service agreement that you will need to review before booking.

Practical solutions. Yes, we are lovely souls here to experience our human condition, but we are also human beings, trying our best to DO life. The goal is to support you in taking practical action toward creating the life you want.

And some tears. Yes, it happens sometimes. Especially when using Tapping and breath work. It's a GOOD thing. It means you are releasing emotional junk you are clinging to.

Most of my individual services are held virtually via Zoom.

Who My Services Are For

1. Those who are willing to DO things different.

I'm not saying you have to make drastic changes, or make changes all at once, but you can't create better results by doing exactly what you are doing now.

2. Those who are open-minded.

Some of our unhelpful patterns are karmic, meaning they started in a previous lifetime. You need to be open to exploring this.

3. Those with a good sense of humor.

We all make mistakes and get ourselves in miserable situations. It works better if we can look upon this with lightness versus beating ourselves up.

4. Those who are willing to invest in themselves.

No, my services are not cheap and my pricing varies depending on the service provided. This work is highly transformational and provides tremendous value.

Want To Work With Me?

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