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Deepen your relationship with your mind, body, and soul.

A membership program for those looking to yoga as a spiritual practice, not just for the sake of exercise.

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Why Yoga Isn't Just Yoga

It's not a secret anymore that doing yoga increases muscle tone and flexibility, as well as helps to de-stress the mind and body.

However, yoga is WAY MORE than just exercise to make your abs and butt look good.

It's a SPIRITUAL practice. This means...

  1. You start connecting to that REAL part of yourself, that inner voice that never leads you astray.
  2. You start to heal your body at the cellular level through sound vibration.
  3. You learn to connect to your dharma, your greater purpose.
  4. You learn how to use certain breath sequences for more energy, to sleep better, to focus, or to reduce anxious feelings.
  5. You start to become aware of, and release, the subconscious blocks that are no longer serving you.


I'm Lore Goldstein.  I'll help you learn how to disconnect from the confusing chatter in your mind and tune in to the guiding energy of your body and soul.

There is more to yoga than just movement and asana.

Come experience the healing power of yoga, and how it's truly designed to be.


Yes, you will get shorter and longer yoga videos to meet the needs of whatever time of day you are practicing and how much time you have to practice. But we will also talk...

  • Chakras - what are they and how they can guide you.
  • What props to use and how to modify positions for pre-existing injuries.
  • How to use Tapping/EFT when feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • training modules added every month.
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