Spirit Guide Workshop

Are you at a CROSSROADS in your life?

Get GUIDANCE as to what direction is in your highest good, and feel CONFIDENT moving forward.

  • Are you faced with a life transition, and unsure about the next right step?
  • Are you ready to make a change, but you feel a bit stuck as to the best way to proceed?
  • Have you already tried to tap into your inner-voice, but you just keep second-guessing yourself?

Ultimately, you just wish you could trust your intuition, and feel solid in moving forward!

Why does it seem so complicated?

You get caught up in the should's, need-to's, and what other's expect.

You then start seeking guidance from other people which leaves you even more confused.

You keep second guessing your direction, so you start, stop, start, and stop - getting nowhere.

You meditate, and ask for guidance, but don't often hear anything.

We were once there too, which is now why we LOVE channeling and sharing...!

Something we learned while working with Spirit Guides is that we often can't see outside ourselves. 

Our Guides can reveal the hidden beliefs and blocks (we all have them!) that are interfering with our greatest desires, as well as factors about our situation that we aren't even considering.

When you become aware of what's hiding, then you can make decisions that will get you to where you want to go in a much quicker, more streamlined way.

We created this workshop to help you get rid of the confusion and receive solid answers regarding a specific, current life situation or challenge.

The combination of guidance from your personal spirit guides and soul-level coaching gives you new perspectives, possibilities, and clear, aligned, resonant path forward.

Benefits of using Spirit Guides combined with the coaching experience....

Why this process works...

Your guides give you ACCURATE information and feedback so that you can start trusting the choices you make!

They provide CONFIRMATION, that can give you a needed push to move forward.

Your guides can VALIDATE what you already know so that you confidently move forward.

They share their INSIDER VIEW on what you are missing and/or need to look out for.


You will leave this workshop with...

  • Answers you can trust, that are channeled directly from your guides.  No more second guessing!  
  • Insights from your guides and the coaching process that support you in uncovering hidden beliefs / blocks so that you can take ACTION with the guidance you receive.
  • Increased confidence and motivation as per having a solid understanding of your next, best, aligned actions.
  • A clear understanding of what your guides are (and are not) so that you know what to ask for and HOW to ask.

Join the Spirit Guide Experience

Saturday, May 16, 2020
10:00am - 1:00pm EST
This is a VIRTUAL workshop.
We will be meeting via Zoom.
**This is an INTIMATE experience so only 6 seats are available. Don't wait to enroll!**

Imagine what your life would be like, and how much time you would save, if you received both wisdom you trust, and the ability to use it to make your life better!

Let our combination of channeled spirit guidance and soul-level coaching help you create a new perspective on your situation, give you clarity about a current life challenge, and support you in the direction of your highest good.

Presented By:

Paula Holland, CPCC
Lore Goldstein, LMHC

Paula is an expert in bringing heart-based joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life. As aspeaker, credentialed life coach, award-winning artist and author, and Paula teaches how crayons, collage, and energy balancing techniques reduce busy brain, clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and create ongoing commitment to self-care and growth. 

Her clients get new ideas and tools they can use to raise energy, reduces stress, and build the confidence needed to thrive in today’s chaotic world.

Lore is an intuitive consultant, a past-life expert, licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, believer in the healing forces of nature, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International.

She teaches people who they are at soul-level, their purpose and gifts, so that they can create a fulfilling and soul-aligned personal and professional life.  Known as the “digger upper” of the unseen, Lore helps her clients eliminate the invisible blocks standing in the way of their goals.

**Only 6 seats are available for this transformative experience!!**


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