Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Get rid of old energetic clutter and clear the way so that you can fully step into your purpose and power.


When you are still holding on to old regrets, failures, and losses (consciously and unconsciously), you have no room to receive the abundance you deserve.

  • Feelings of unworthiness that hold you back from charging what you are worth.
  • Fear related to past mistakes that prevent you from feeling confident using your gifts and in taking new risks.
  • Blaming self for old hurts and losses, and feeling disconnected from your heart center, creativity, and inspiration.
  • Spinning in procrastination and self-sabotage, and having ZERO clue why.

While you've attempted to do some decluttering work on your own...

You've found it challenging to figure out HOW to effectively get rid of negative feelings and beliefs (because they come back), and frankly, you just end up trying to AVOID it all.

And what about the stuff that is HIDDEN from you?

If you have self-sabotaging thoughts lurking in your subconscious, they take over without you even knowing it!

I was once there too, but found a streamlined way to free myself from the heavy energy and negative stories I created about myself.

For a long time I beat myself up over failed marriages, believing that I didn't DO enough and feeling so guilty that I took on ALL the blame, while struggling to forgive myself for the legitimate parts where I truly didn't handle things to the best of my ability.

Disappointment plagued me, and I had trouble moving on.

Plus, I was also managing a lot of grief due to my mom passing, feeling again that I didn't DO enough (see the common theme here??), and then repeated the same story when we had to put our cat down last January.

All of this baggage was weighing me down, and I didn't feel all that creative or inspired.  Self-sabotage took over my business any chance it got.

The thing to understand here is that we are HUMAN.  We are going to experience shitty things, fail, make mistakes, and lose people that are important to us. 

But when you have a CLEAR FRAMEWORK that you can follow to EFFECTIVELY work through the negativity that is cluttering your energetic space, you can QUICKLY release it and move on.

Let's Do Some Spring Cleaning!

What makes this program UNIQUE?

It uncovers what you CAN'T see, and is designed to go below the surface issue to get to the ROOT cause.

Other programs rely SOLELY on you conscious awareness, which is limited.  So we work with both what you DO know, and what you DON'T know.


Experience Peace

Feel better after releasing and working through the emotions and circumstances that are plaguing you.

No longer be held hostage by negativity.

Boost Your Intuition

Energetically free yourself so that you can better connect to your inner-wisdom as well as your divine gifts.

No more boulders blocking your road.


The Universe is giving us an opportunity to SLOW DOWN and really pay attention to both our inner and outer worlds.

It's in this time of quiet that you can shift out of your head space and into your heart / intuitive space where all your answers lie.

When you tap into this, and clear the clutter, you are free to create more of what you want.

This Program Includes:

3 - 1:1's With Me

  1. Session #1 - A reading to dig up what's not in your awareness. Let's uncover the stuff you CAN'T see, and clear the shit out of any negative energies that you are still carrying.  (Be prepared to look into both present AND past life issues.)
  2. Session #2 - Get ready to totally shift the way you think about yourself.  We are going to reframe those experiences you wish you could just forget.
  3. Session #3 - A 30-minute follow up at the end to review the new story you have written about yourself.

Access To Online Membership Area

You get access to 5 different modules containing videos, meditations, resources, and activities where you will be guided step-by-step through a streamlined process to empty your trashcan.  You can rinse and repeat as often as you need.

  1. Module 1 - Gaining awareness, uncovering the unseen, and getting out of denial.
  2. Module 2 - Assessing your story, and taking a good look at the mistaken beliefs you've created about yourself.
  3. Module 3 - Reframing your experiences, and connecting to your gifts so that you can see yourself for who you truly are.
  4. Module 4 - Tools to help you clear and let go of the things that no longer serve you, as well as connect to your intuitive wisdom.
  5. Module 5 - Rewriting your story so that you can stand in your truth and move forward with confidence. 


Plus, get access to a BONUS course...

You will also get access to my full Tapping (EFT) course that guides you step by step on how to use this powerful tool that eliminates emotional blocks in a much quicker fashion that other techniques.


This program will only be offered in the spring season, so don't wait for another year!