A transformational, 75-minute intensive for those who are ready to LOVE and feel PASSIONATE about their work in the world!


This life-changing experience is for those who are ready to:

  • know who they are at soul-level (their gifts) and what they are here to do
  • feel more confident
  • feel like their work is a natural extension of who they are
  • feel so connected to their work that "work" is more like "play"
  • feel creative, motivated, and inspired on a daily basis
  • fully love what they do


Stop searching.

Get massive CLARITY instead.



Gain Clarity

First, we will do a deep dive into WHO you are at soul-level. I will teach you your soul's purpose, strengths, and how you best operate in the world. Gain lasting confidence as you realize that some of the things you thought were "broken" within are actually your greatest assets!

Clear Blocks

Next, we go over the unhelpful patterns, stored emotions, and/or subconscious beliefs that are standing in the way of you being able to DO your purpose.  Think of this as a bit of spring cleaning for your soul!  Let's get rid of what no longer serves you so that your life force energy can flow!

Develop A Plan

It's one thing to get a bunch of information about yourself. It's another to know what to DO with it.  Once you learn about your purpose and gifts, we will brainstorm how to incorporate them into your life's work. You will leave with a clear plan of action as to what to tweak, adjust, or maybe even ditch!

Know What's In Your "Zone Of Genius"

When you know yourself at soul-level, you start to work smarter, not harder!


Most misunderstand what purpose really is, so they are constantly seeking the WRONG thing which is why they never seem to "find" it.

~ Lore Goldstein

Purpose influences and expands into all areas of life.


When I was initially seeking understanding of my soul's purpose and gifts, it was solely for work related reasons.

What I didn't realize is that aligning my career to my purpose and strengths started to seep into other areas of my life.

I am now married to someone who I feel truly connected to, my physical health improved, I have more freedom and time to travel and enjoy life, and I tend to make better decisions for myself (boundaries) because I know what works and what doesn't.

Who doesn't love a free "gift" with purchase??


This 1:1 experience will help you QUICKLY learn your soul’s purpose and gifts without having to:

  • meditate more
  • journal every day for months on end
  • patiently wait for it to be "revealed" to you by some kind of spontaneous combustion
  • go on a 6-month Eat, Think, Pray, Love sabbatical
  • or get a bunch of certifications / take courses in hopes of "finding" it


Imagine... no more searching or confusion.

Rather, massive CLARITY and validation.