Come Home To Yourself

Rediscover yourself, your soul's purpose, and the peace within after a difficult life experience.

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It often takes a personal upheaval, disaster or crisis...

  • divorce
  • loss of a loved one
  • health scare or diagnosis
  • job loss
  • being in an accident
  • a world-wide shut down due to COVID help you realize that you haven't been living the life you want, or you've been living a life that isn't even, well, YOURS.


Once you sort through the initial pain of it, it hits you that you weren't really happy in the first place, nor were you focused on the things that matter.

Hi, I'm Lore.

I use yoga, yoga philosophy, and practical (yes, practical) tools such as Tarot and the Akashic Records to help people

  • come home to themselves
  • rediscover their greater purpose
  • create meaning and understanding from their circumstances
  • and create more joy and peace within

It requires you to work with your mind, body, AND spirit.


Who am I? What is my greater purpose here? What do I really want? What do I do next?

It's not uncommon to start questioning yourself after a difficult experience. Clarity comes from learning who you TRULY are (not who you think you "should" be) and re-evaluating what's important to you.



The Universe gives us giant "wake-up" calls for a reason, usually because we aren't listening to our inner-voice. The Universe does NOT make mistakes.

Learn to see this as a chance to deepen your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being, and create meaning and understanding from your experience.


Creating a new sense of inner-peace and joy is not only possible, it's often the reason you went through what you did in the first place! 

But it takes working with not just your mind, but your PHYSICAL BODY as well to get rid of stuck and lingering emotions that muck up your energy channels and block you from true happiness.

You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.



Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support and the clarity you have given me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so so much.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Working with Lore was the best thing I ever could have done and I wish we found each other much sooner in my journey. The clarity she provides is incredibly specific, empowering, and grounding. By learning what she uncovered for me, I feel both freer and more aligned than ever.


If this sounds like you... 

  • feeling lost and not confident in self
  • feeling anxious and/or depressed
  • tired of living life by "should's" or to please others
  • feeling scared because not sure what life will look like now
  • seeing self as broken or damaged
  • questioning your life's purpose
  • wondering why what happened, happened

... you are in the right place!


Ways I work with people...


... workshops

... group coaching programs

... self-study courses

... 1:1 services

Find purpose and peace. Live the life you truly want!

Uncover Your Soul's Purpose

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