UNCOVER and RELEASE the stuck emotions, subconscious beliefs, and misaligned choices

that are perpetuating physical illness, self-sabotaging behaviors, unexplained pain, and/or anxiety.

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The side effects of REMOVING stagnant energies that are clogging your channels of life...

You get clear on your path and purpose.

Your physical health improves.

You experience the confidence of knowing yourself at a deeper level.

A QUIET mind so that you can listen to and follow the voice within...

... which does not lead you astray!

Inner-peace anyone?

FREE VIDEO5 Mistakes People Make When Seeking ANY Kind Of Change

Transformation requires change. So no matter the issue, you want to avoid these mistakes so you can get the results you want.


Work With Me

A service for you if you've had some kind of wake up call, are questioning who you REALLY are, and realize that you've been living a life that you don't really want.

Reconnect with your soul's path and purpose for greater joy, ease, and fulfillment!


A service for you if you understand that there is ALWAYS an emotional and energetic component behind physical health issues.

Let's uncover stuck and stagnant beliefs, resentments, and misaligned actions so that you can help your body heal.


You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.



Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support and the clarity you have given me. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so so much.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Working with Lore was the best thing I ever could have done and I wish we found each other much sooner in my journey. The clarity she provides is incredibly specific, empowering, and grounding. By learning what she uncovered for me, I feel both freer and more aligned than ever.


Hi, I'm Lore.

I use yoga, yoga philosophy, my experience as a psychotherapist, and practical (yes, practical) tools such as Tarot and the Akashic Records to help people:

  • reconnect with their path and purpose
  • create meaning and understanding from their circumstances
  • stop unhelpful patterns
  • uncover emotions and beliefs that are contributing to physical illness and body pain
  • quiet the mind so they can better listen to their intuition
  • and create more joy, confidence, and peace within

Who My Services Are For

1. Those who are willing to DO things different.

I'm not saying you have to make drastic changes, or make changes all at once, but you can't create better results by doing exactly what you are doing now.

2. Those who are open-minded.

Some of our unhelpful patterns are karmic, meaning they started in a previous lifetime. You need to be open to exploring this.

3. Those with a good sense of humor.

We all make mistakes and get ourselves in miserable situations. It works better if we can look upon this with lightness versus beating ourselves up.

Who My Services Are NOT For

1. Those who want a cheap, quick "what's my purpose" Tarot card reading.

This is a highly transformational experience. We go deep. If you are looking for a fortune teller, there's someone else out there for you.

2. Those who resist any new information about themselves.

You'd be surprised how quick some people are to reject new information and say, "nope, that's not me", without even processing it. The point of this work is to expand your awareness about yourself!

3. Those who just want someone to vent and endlessly complain to.

Again, there is someone else out there that will gladly take your money for this.

Oh, and if you are obsessed with Hallmark Channel movies (even though they all end in the same way).... you are definitely in the right place!


5 Mistakes People Make When Seeking ANY Kind Of Change

No matter if you are wanting to get clarity around your path & purpose, or are looking to uncover why you keep getting chronic UTI's, you need to be willing to change in order to solve the problem.