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Hi there!


I'm totally inspired by all things dharma (life purpose), doing what you love and are passionate about, getting massive clarity around your personality and soul-level strengths, finding more ease, joy, and abundance in life and work, transforming stress into inner-peace, and reconnecting to (or even discovering for the very first time) who you really are.
(Oh, and I’m obsessed with House Hunters International, cheezy Hallmark Channel movies, and am a huge supporter of animal welfare and rescue efforts!)


I am a full blown Alchemist mushed with the gift of gab, writing, reading energy, and teaching. This means I am an idea generating machine, get all kinds of "downloads" from the Universe, can draft an entire blog post while getting out of the shower and putting on my underwear, and can "look up" (so to say) a person's unique gifts and strengths as well as the patterns that are not serving them anymore.

Essentially, I am a digger-upper of the unseen, helping people get down to the root cause of what’s not working and why in their health, personal life, and/or business.

I am an avid learner and student, so I tend to collect degrees and certifications rather than bobbleheads and ceramic unicorns. I believe Tarot cards, yoga, and the Akashic Records are the most practical (yes, practical) tools out there to help people get massive clarity into their circumstances.

You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.



Working with Lore was the best thing I ever could have done and I wish we found each other much sooner in my journey. The clarity she provides is incredibly specific, empowering, and grounding. By learning what she uncovered for me, I feel both freer and more aligned than ever.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Lore's Zone of Genius workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, enlightening, and inspiring. I enjoyed her teaching style, and the way she brought abstract concepts to life and made them real. That very night, I was inspired to begin brainstorming how to bring myself into my very own zone of genius. Thank you Lore!


Paying It Forward

I am a HUGE supporter of animal welfare so I donate 10% of my proceeds to friends who run The Republic of Georgia Dog Refuge and to a local animal shelter here in Annapolis (of which I also volunteer at).

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