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Uncover Your Purpose

I've found that many people experience stress and anxiety because they aren't living true to their purpose. They often don't even know what their purpose is! They pile too many things on their plate, half which they don't even want to do or are so misaligned to their values. This is a 1:1 with me to get super clear on who you are, your life purpose, and how to restore a sense of fulfillment and inner-peace.


Wellness Training & Experiences

When you and others in the organization/workplace have less stress and anxiety they show up focused, happy, present, pro-active, creative, cooperative, compassionate, and healthy. My workshops, trainings, and experiences are trauma-sensitive, and are customized to your organization and allow for participants to practice a variety of techniques to determine what works most for them. 


Hi there!


I'm totally inspired by all things "living your purpose", doing what you love and are passionate about, creating more ease, joy, peace and fulfillment in life and work, and making choices that support physical and mental wellness.
This is why I’m obsessed with Hallmark Channel movies (much to my husband's dismay), Kundalini yogaand House Hunters International... although the latter just fuels my love of travel and adventure.


I am a full blown Alchemist mushed with the gift of gab, writing, reading energy, and teaching. This means I am an idea generating machine, get all kinds of "downloads" from the Universe, can draft an entire blog post while getting out of the shower and putting on my underwear, and can "look up" (so to say) the areas of life where people are misaligned to their true purpose.

I am also a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga and meditation teacher. While I infuse humor in my workshops and trainings, I am very well-versed in the sensitivities and impact of trauma in people's overall functioning which allows me to provide a safe environment for participants to explore their level of self-awareness and emotional needs. I believe life is way too short to experience undue stress, anxiety, and inner-conflict.


You opened my eyes to some incredible insights about myself that has helped me to develop on both a personal and business level - insight development, forgiveness and realizing of feelings of unworthiness, turned worthiness.



Working with Lore was the best thing I ever could have done and I wish we found each other much sooner in my journey. The clarity she provides is incredibly specific, empowering, and grounding. By learning what she uncovered for me, I feel both freer and more aligned than ever.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Lore's Zone of Genius workshop was thoroughly enjoyable, enlightening, and inspiring. I enjoyed her teaching style, and the way she brought abstract concepts to life and made them real. That very night, I was inspired to begin brainstorming how to bring myself into my very own zone of genius. Thank you Lore!


Paying It Forward

I am a HUGE supporter of animal welfare so I donate a percentage of my proceeds to these peeps (who I befriended in The Republic of Georgia...long story) and to this non-profit attached to my local animal shelter here in Annapolis (of which I volunteer one day a week at).

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